We Are Together

The year gone by 2020, was the most difficult year for all of us. It shook all of us in different ways but one thing is clear, that your love and support kept us going. This could not have happened without you, thank you.

We look forward towards 2021 with great hopes to make a tangible difference in the lives of vulnerable children. The children need all of us more than ever. We are hopeful that in 2021, in joint partnership with you, we will work towards a creating a better future for vulnerable children.

 Sunil Arora
 Executive Director


A child who had been in Bal Asha Trust since a year has been reunited with the father. She has been transferred to a home in North India where the local authorities will make future plans for her. Bal Asha Trust found the father of the child during the lockdown. The child was in touch with the father through videocalls.

A new baby joined our family. On doing various check-ups, we found out that the child would have to undergo an open-heart surgery. Our team is in touch with Dr Suresh Joshi, one of the top cardiac surgeons in Mumbai who will operate on the child at Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre, Mumbai. 

Our youngest bundle of joy leaving Bal Asha Trust. The child was adopted by a loving and caring family. It was a beautiful day for all of us.

Together, with your help, we look forward to seeing such days more often. Our vision is that every child is in a family.


On Sankrant, the kite flying festival, the children made kites out of newspapers in the morning. Later, we performed a ritual called “Bor nahan” where babies and toddlers are showered with ricepuffs, bors and chocolates. The older kids were ecstatic about the collecting chocolates. They were ready in position to grab the chocolates as soon as dropped. They had a lot of fun in the activity. Everyone was given a flower each, the girls adorned their hair by pinning the flowers to their hair. In the evening, they enjoyed kite flying.

On Republic Day morning, the kids wore white kurta sets and sang the National Anthem. The older kids gave speeches on the significance of the day and on our nation’s freedom fighters. They had a dance performance and the function ended with delicious puranpolis.


Blue Sky Nail Academy organized a Nail Charity Marathon in the end of January. They donated the funds raised from the Marathon to Bal Asha Trust. The owner, Ms Dina Singh herself visited Bal Asha Trust to hand over the donation. We are very thankful for their kind gesture.


We conducted a meeting for the parents of the kids enrolled in our Poshan Program. The meeting was held to announce the improvements in the children’s health. We also guided the parents to ensure that the kids eat healthy home cooked food regularly along with the Poshan meal boxes.

As per the recent healthcamp conducted, 26% of children in the program have achieved normal nutritional levels. Many children have shown significant signs of improvement which shows that our Action Against Malnutrition has borne fruit.


Our trustees take an active part in the functioning of the organization and development of the children. Our trustee Ms Mrinal Kulkarni conducted a meeting to discuss the children’s curriculum and understand their education level. To conclude, she gave the paramedics direction to ensure that children are able to comprehend their lessons.


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