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The Bal Asha Trust is an awarded charitable organization that helps abandoned and marginalized children in the city of Mumbai. It was founded in 1985.

Here at Bal Asha Trust, we rescue abandoned and destitute children. Provide the children with a safe home. The Children’s Home has tie-ups with outstanding government, private and municipal hospitals. This includes Jaslok Hospital and Research Center, offering excellent medical services.

We work with local authorities and media to find a way to unite them with their biological parents. In most cases, the child is unable to find a way back home and in these cases, we care for them, until they find a new loving Adoptive family through a legal process

We support the children of our locality through educational, health and nutritional projects in Mumbai and its surrounding areas. In such a densely populated metropolitan area, it proves to be a great challenge to tackle, but we do it to the best of our abilities.

Every child has a right to a family, a loving environment that we provide for them until we can send them to a permanent family. Our team at Bal Asha treats every child with love and respect, and works tirelessly to give them the best possible childhood and a future of hope.

We have been awarded the Ahilyabai Holkar Award by the Government of Maharashtra. We have provided education and training to childcare functionaries throughout India.

Why we care ?

Reports suggest that India is home to 31 million orphaned children. In 2010, the Times of India reported that 90% of the 11 million abandoned children in India were girls.

The government of India released a report in 2016 which put the number of disabled Indians at 2.68 crores. Out of this, a staggering 78 lakh were children.

The` Census 2011 reveals that 8.4 crore children in India do not attend school at all. These statistics may seem like numbers to most, but the lives which they represent are harmed to an unimaginable degree.

This makes the work of organizations such as Bal Asha extremely pivotal since we help rescue the children who have been separated from their families and works day and night to help reunite these children with their biological parents.Bal Asha also provides nutritional packets as part of our Poshan project, in poverty stricken areas so that no child in the community suffers from hunger and lack of nutrition

We believe that family has an unrivaled ability to transform the life of a child, We believe that a family & a teacher along with the companionship of friends has a profound effect on a child, We believe that a child can change your life as much as you can help change theirs