Reuniting Families

Reuniting  Families

Losing a child is every parent’s worst nightmare, and we hope that no parent has to go through it. Every day it is estimated as per reports that 160 children are lost in India. Bal Asha Trust has always worked hard for the welfare of lost and found children. Reuniting such children with their families has always been our primary focus since our inception in 1985.

The Incident

Bal Asha Trust was recently able to reunite a child with his relatives. Mumbai Railway police spotted the child in an intercity train. The Child Welfare Committee placed him in the care of the Bal Asha Trust. During counselling, he muttered the name of his school and the name of the district he belonged to. The name of the school that he muttered was not accurate. Despite that, the social worker worked on the information available at hand and was soon able to contact the principal.

The principal confirmed that the child is a student at her school and that the child’s relatives are looking for him. The principal facilitated a video conversation between the child and the relatives. The kid recognised his family right away. Within a week, the boy’s uncle arrived in Mumbai. He was accompanied by local police authorities who were also looking for the child in Madhya Pradesh. It was sad to know that the child is an orphan and is looked after by his relatives. They love him a lot and were thankful to Bal Asha Trust for reuniting them with their child.

Our Objectives & Views

Bal Asha Trust’s Executive Director, Mr Sunil Arora, stated that the organisation has traced the families of many children who have been lost and found. Families of these children are tracked down in a variety of ways, including information obtained through counselling, Aadhaar biometrics, and even close collaboration with police and CWC authorities in the current case. The organization’s top objective is always to reunite children who have been lost and found with their birth families.

Ms Vaishali Bhakte (Our Social Worker) stated that it is critical to believe children who have been lost and found as they frequently provide information that can be used to locate their relatives. Even if the children have exceptional requirements, social workers must believe in them.

Our Appeal

The action that we take as a citizen when we find a child who’s lost and found is very important to ensure that many children get reunited with their birth parents. If you ever find yourself in a situation like this please call the child helpline number at 1098 or contact your local police station.