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Rani’s Journey

Rani’s Journey

Greetings from Bal Asha Trust!

Thank you for your support to us which will help us to provide quality care to children.  This support has strengthen our reach to children in different parts of Maharashtra who need caring hands because of immediate threat to their well-being.

A few months back we reached out to “Rani” who was found abandoned 400 kms from Mumbai in rural Maharashtra.  She was abandoned near a lime tree in a village when she was only a few weeks old whereupon she was admitted in a local child care centre by the police.

On primary medical investigation it was found that the child was HIV positive.   The child care centre did not have the required expertise to give Rani proper medical and nutritional support. The centre contacted Bal Asha Trust who were only to happy to take Rani under their wing.  After necessary permissions were received. Bal Asha team travelled to the village where Rani was located.  The team had already prepared to travel with Rani and had made the necessary arrangements like clothes, baby food, medicines and a soft mattress in which to make her comfortable as the journey which took 10-12 hours was long and arduous.

We met Rani who was physically in a very delicate condition and malnourished.  On seeing Rani nurse “Meena” from Bal Asha immediately took to her. She changed her in new clothes.  After finishing the paperwork.  We started back on our journey to Mumbai.

The journey was very emotional was for us.   We could not stop looking at this beautiful little girl with whom a bond and already started to built up. It took us almost 12 hours to reach Mumbai.   We took regular stops so Rani could have her feeds without much trouble due to the bumpy roads.

We were surprised that after few hours, this little girl looked into our eyes and smiled.

Rani safely reached Bal Asha Trust.  She has already settled in well.  Rani is seeing a pediatrician regularly.  Dr. Fazal Nabi has conducted all required tests so that we can prepare a plan for her speedy improvement in her health.

Thank you, we could all reach Rani in time and I assure you that as all of us are together we will continue to reach out to children in need of care and protection. Give them a home full of love and care.

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