Update on Devi

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Bal Asha Trust!

In our september 2018 project report we had shared with you about Devi ‘s admission to Bal Asha Trust from an orphanage about 400 kms from Mumbai.  

She had gone through a surgery for her right foot congential deformity in september 2018.   

I am very happy in sharing that the surgery was sucess and the child is doing well.   She recently turned 1 year old.   She is doing well developmentally.  She sits by herself.  She has started crawling all over the place.   She loves moving around all by herself and smile with other children in the infant unit of her age.   Nutrionally she is doing well.  She was 3.54 kgs when she joined the Bal Asha family and today she is 6.41 kgs.   She has grown tall too, she was 53 cms on admission and today she 61 cms.  She is receiving required therapy from our occupatoinal therapist and intervention, so she does much better in the coming months.  

We thank each one of you for the support so we can continue to take care of our babies in the best possible way.  

We have increased our fundraising goal as the project is ongoing.  We will continue to provide best quality care to children in our care from you help.  Thank you for your donation. 

Thanks and regards