Chandani – Towards Light

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Bal Asha Trust!

Bal Asha Trust team has always worked in the best interest of children. We are ready to face hardships ourselves if it will help in providing the child with a better future in his or  her own family.     We are very happy to share that we succeeded in finding a happy and safe family for an older child. 

Little Chandani was found in 2014 when she was barely 4 years old.  She was found in a remote corner in North India.  She lived in a children’s home for three years, till the authorities there realized that she did not belong to that region.   

During a chance conversation, she mentioned the name “Victoria Terminus Railway Station” a well-known location in Mumbai.  They immediately transferred the child to an institution in Mumbai.

Bal Asha Trust provides support to few children’s home in Mumbai.    The social worker of the institution where Chandani lived asked a Bal Asha social worker for help.   Bal Asha Team decided to take the child under its wings as we are experienced in handling such sensitive cases.

Our team made intensive efforts to find and identify her biological parents or any relatives with the help of the Police, media and another NGO but sadly, no information was received regarding her biological guardians. Almost 6 months had passed before she was legally declared “Free for Adoption”.

Through the concerted efforts of Bal Asha team and their dedication, the now 8 years old child got adopted by a beautiful and well settled family. Today, she lives happily with her family and is moving ahead in life on a positive note.

We thank each one of you for your support to Bal Asha so we can work together towards a better future every day for our children.   Please continue to support us.

Thanks and regards,

Sunil Arora

Executive Director

PS: Identifying information is changed to protect the child’s identity.