Bal Asha update – March 2020

Dear Friends,

This past two month we have been able to place 4 children in Adoption, two being older children aged 9 and 6 years. 

A while ago, Bal Asha helped reunite a girl with her family in Haryana. The girl named Nisha, was found to be accompanied by a woman who was not related to the girl. This was suspicious and the police decided to investigate. Upon talking to the child, they realised that the child is from Haryana and that she was lost. The police transferred the child to Bal Asha Trust, where she was given proper care. The social workers of our Trust worked hard to track down the family of the child and reunited Nisha with her father in Haryana.

In the last two weeks, Bal Asha received 3 children who had been found abandoned at various public places all across Mumbai. The children were living in another government home for past few months.  The authorities decided to transfer the children.  The kids are receiving proper nourishment, care and the love they deserve. Our social workers are trying their best to trace their biological families so that the children can be reunited, and if unfortunately, their families cannot be traced, the children will be placed in Adoption.

Also, we are all aware of the condition of our world concerning the rapid spread of the COVID 19 virus. Many nations are struggling in a battle against this deadly virus. In times like these, we must stay in solidarity with those who have been affected and we should take proper precautions to stop the virus from spreading.

At Bal Asha we have stopped any visits from outside and have made required arrangements for safety of our children and staff.   The safety of the community is in our hands. 

We hope that each one of you are safe along with your families and friends.

Thanks and Regards