A little update of activities !

Greetings from Bal Asha Trust!

We want to give you a quick update as the last three months saw fair amount of activities in Bal Asha Trust.

Our visiting Paediatrician Dr. Fazal from Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai conducted a nurses training programme for our nurses on child care, hygiene, nutrition and first aid.  He shared the new techniques and researches in child development with the staff.  This training made our team more confident and updated about care we give to our children. 

We participated in an event in Mumbai to create awareness on Bal Asha Trust and children’s issues in Mumbai.  We organised “Colour for a cause” painting workshop for children from all walks for life.  This was conducted at the Mahalaxmi Race Course.

The festival of colours called “Holi” was celebrated with great gusto in the month of March.  The children of Bal Asha Trust enjoyed thoroughly throwing colours at each other &     drenching themselves.

Keeping children clean & neat is one of Bal Asha main aim, hair cutting being on the agenda from time to time.  A hair cutting session organised by volunteer from a salon nearby, was conducted, where each child had a smart haircut, literally transforming their looks.

But the months highlight was the amazing baby Sonya who came to the institute with a low birth weight.   There was no weight gain in 3 months.  The doctor advised a 2D Echo wherein she was detected with a hole in her heart.  The doctors advised surgery.  There upon   through Bal Asha’s staff timely action surgery was carried out.  The surgery was successful and thanks to generous gesture of donors, today the baby is doing well with regular follow ups.

We appeal to you to please make donation for the upcoming Mother’s day campaign on GlobalGiving.