A day in the life of an older child

Sunlight peeps through my window and that’s when I hear my didi calling my name to wake me up and I know that it’s morning time. At 7 in the morning my friends and I wake up. The first thing I like to do when I wake up is to brush my teeth. After which didi keeps my bucket ready with warm water. I take a bath by myself and get ready for the day. Soon after that, we are served our hot breakfast at 8:30 am.

During our meditation sessions, we are asked to keep our eyes closed and concentrate on our breathing. Sometimes I open my eyes to see if everyone is keeping their eyes closed. From 10-12:30 we have our daily activity session. Our daily activities consist of learning new and interesting things. The sessions are very exciting. I feel very happy to learn new things. After the sessions are over, we are served fresh fruits.

At 12:30 we are served our lunch. The food here is delicious. Everyday we are served a different vegetable. The menu is not the same for everyday and I like that. Once my plate is empty, didis encourage me to have more. When we have a sweet dish, they don’t have to tell me to have more!  *hehe* During our children’s meeting, I love telling Vaishali didi what my favorite dish is. After finishing my lunch, I play and at times I nap when I am tired.

Due to the COVID-19, I am unable to go to school. I miss going to school, meeting my friends and of course, studying. Online lectures aren’t as fun as going to school but I am sure things will be fine soon and we will all be able to go to school again.

As the sun sets and the evening precedes, we all are taken for our sports session at 4pm. Our sports teacher helps enhance our capabilities. He has so much energy, we have a lot of fun playing various games and getting trained in football. After sports is the most awaited meal of the day as all my energy is drained. I love it when we are served pasta for our evening snacks. Post snacks, we all play outside, there’s music, we dance. I feel so happy and liberated when I go out to play. I love running and playing with my friends.

As it becomes darker at 6 we are all taken inside for our evening bath. Oh wait, I forgot about telling you how I go to Swaroopa didi every single day to ask whether I found a familyI am confident that soon didi will find me a lovely family who I can call mummy and daddy. So, where was I? Evening bath, yes. After I am done bathing, didis give us beautiful and comfortable night suits so we can be cozy in the night. Later, my friends and I watch cartoon. My favourite cartoons are Doraemon and Ninja Hathori.

Soon it’s time for us to have our dinner. Post dinner I always brush my teeth. I have learnt that it is important to brush your teeth twice a day. After a long and fun day I feel very sleepy so I go to bed. Before going to bed , I pray. Bal Asha is a big happy family and I look forward to finding a loving family like my friends and all the didis at Bal Asha Trust.

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