Reaching out to many like Devi

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Bal Asha Trust!

Thank you for supporting and assisting us in our work through your donations and well wishes.  Your generous donations have helped us to reach special needs, destitute children in some of our state’s most backward and remote areas, so that we, as a whole, can ensure a better future for them.

Child Devi (name changed) was born about 400 kms away from Mumbai, Maharashtra.  She was admitted in a children’s home there immediately after birth due to some social reasons, by the child welfare authorities. During the time of  admission, it was found she had right foot congenital deformity. The organization gave her the best care available, but the organization did not have access to appropriate medical resources to provide her the medical aid she needed.

The organization contacted Bal Asha Trust for support as we had experience in providing proper medical aid to children with special needs.  Bal Asha, did not hesitate for a moment before opening it’s doors for the baby. Soon permissions were obtained, formalities were conducted, and Devi joined the Bal Asha family at a meagre age of 4 months.

The Bal Asha Team reached out to the best doctors in the city and after check ups and medical tests, it was revealed that she had tibial hemimelia with foot deformity.   

Recently, Devi’s treatment was started by “a serial casting method followed by tenotomy” by a pediatric orthopedic surgeon in one of the city’s most prestigious children’s hospital.   Though the treatment process will take time,  we are hopeful that this will help in moulding a better future for Devi.    

Please help us to reach out to children like Devi, please donate.  You can also make a recurring donation. 

Thank you !