One Child at a Time

Surya (name changed) was with his mother, who was in the advanced stage of pregnancy walking on streets of Mumbai. On inquiring about it by a stranger the mother told a man that the child was beaten by his father, which caused heavy injuries to the child. She did not know what was to be done.

Feeling moved by the story, The man took both, the child and the mother to a hospital. They both were admitted in the hospital.  The child was treated for a broken hand and the mother delivered a baby girl.  As the child was being treated, the mother absconded from the hospital. The police admitted the child to the children’s home.  The social worker from the home shared the child’s story with the Bal Asha Team.  We immediately decided to support the child by taking him in Bal Asha for further care, medical and rehabilitation support.

This month, 5 children have been placed in our care by the authorities. Four of these children were placed in different organizations a year ago, but no progress was seen.  Thus, showing trust in our work and capabilities we have been given the responsibility with the future rehabilitation of the children.


Children’s Home

Few of the children were required to be urgently medically tested to monitor their health progress, so now we have started visiting hospitals to carry out tests . The hospital staff maintained precautions while these tests were carried out. The hospital staff was kind enough to assist us throughout the process to ensure that the tests are carried out without hassle and ontime.


Bal Asha has slowly started allowing our employees to start coming to our premises daily and resume their jobs. This has been a necessary step, since the frequency of the children’ online classes and therapy sessions has increased, thus we need more staff members to monitor and guide them.

We ensure that the employees are in good health and fit to start working again. With the return of the staff members, the children feel a sense of normalcy and they feel assured that slowly, everything is getting back to normal.

We celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi this month, a festival which the children have been looking forward to and enjoy the most.

Online Volunteering

We have embraced technology like never before. Recently, the members of Morgan Stanley organised an online activity session for our children. The children enjoyed playing bingo, finding the difference and other craft activities while being guided by the volunteers. They enjoyed it a lot.

COVID19 Relief – Ration, Essential Kit & Raincoat Distribution

This month, we distributed the kits to tribal families living deep in the jungles of Titwala. These families had no source of income, thus these ration kits help sustain the nutritional needs of their families. We distributed 335+ kits We distributed raincoats in these poorly developed areas, in association with The Raincoat Project. We also distributed raincoats to children belonging to underprivileged families living in the urban areas of Mumbai. We distributed a total of 300+ raincoats

Celebrating 35 years of Bal Asha Trust

Bal Asha Trust is completing 35 years on 3rd October. It has been a great journey since our inception in 1985. Over the course of 35 years, we have rehabilitated thousands of children, helped reunite so many of them with their biological families and found loving adoptive families for these beautiful children. It is through the support of well-wishers such as yourself that we can continue doing the work we do for years ahead.