Christmas Blessings !

A beautiful story unfolded around Christmas. 

Child Anil* about five years got separated on weekend.  Anil’s parents are living in slums in Mumbai.  His father has a shop on the street and his mother is a housewife.  She has to take care of two younger children other then Anil.  The youngest of the siblings of Anil is barely a month old.

Anil was playing near the house, but he lost his way back.  He boarded a train and reached to a major train terminal.  The cops on the railway station saw a now visibly scared Anil.  They spoke to him and realized that he could not share any details about his residence.  The cops informed child welfare authorities.  The authorities asked the cops to take the child to Bal Asha Trust so that he can receive quality care, nutrition, medical and counseling.  Bal Asha team was very happy take Anil under its wings.   During medicals the team realized that he has squint and orthopedic issues.  Immediately as per doctor’s advice he was started on vitamins.

Soon on the other side Anil’s mother realized that he has not come back home even after couple of hours.  She called her husband and they began to search for him in nearby areas.  They decided to inform the police station in the area.  The police started searching for whereabouts of Anil.   The CCTV on the station did show Anil coming into the railway station, but at the same time two trains stopped on the platform both going in opposite directions, hence they had no clue in which direction he went. 

The cops then started giving information to their collogues posted at different stations in both directions.  

Two days later the search ended when both the police stations connecting, and it was emotional moment for everyone involved in the process.  Anil immediately recognized his family.  The family was very happy to have him back in their arms.  The social worker shared about the medicals of Anil with the family and asked them to provide proper medical attention to him.  This is a true blessing for any family.

We wish each one of you lots of blessings this Christmas.

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A little early…Happyyyy New Year 2019!

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