Welcome to Bal Asha Trust

Bal Asha Trust works for children found abandoned at various public places around Mumbai every year.

Bal Asha Trust is a unique, leading and professionally managed NGO since 1985. Awarded with Ahilyabai Holkar Award by the Government..

Bal Asha Trust works towards finding loving and caring Adoptive homes for abandoned and destitute children with special needs from all over Maharashtra.

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Medical Support

Vasanti was abandoned at birth by her parents because she was born with Ambiguous genitalia with duplication of the hindgut (no anal or a urine tract). This was no fault of hers.
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Bal Asha Trust’s quality child care

Esha was found abandoned in a small town around 600 kms from Mumbai as a young infant. She was found to having Albinism. Months went by, even when she turned more than 2 years old, she could not eat solid food. She was on a liquid diet and had to be fed by a care taker.
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Education : A way forward

Shreemala found herself in a difficult situation. She had lost her husband after a long illness and was left alone to raise her son, Kiran. Education was not part of her plan as she knew she could barely earn enough for two square meals for the family
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