Anushree’s Safe Home

Anushree’s Safe Home

A few weeks back, an infant was found in shopping bag.

It was close to mid night.  A man was walking towards his home through a calm lane in central Mumbai.  He heard distress sound of a baby.  He looked around, but could not see anyone. He started moving towards the direction of the sound and realized that the sounds were from a bag.  The bag was hanging on iron fencing of the lane.  Very carefully he took the bag and looked inside.  He was shocked to see a baby inside the bag.  The baby who was crying due to all the trauma she was going through.

He took the baby out gently.  The baby was wrapped in a dirty wet cloth.  He again looked around but there was no one.  He like any other alert citizen called the police.  The police vans arrived within a few minutes.

The police took the baby to the hospital.  The doctors found that thankfully the baby was not physically hurt, but  was suffering from jaundice.  They informed the police that the child is only 7-8 days old and underweight.  The child needed quality care and love.

Police authorities informed our social worker about the situation.  The professionally qualified social workers of Bal Asha Trust with their years of experience are always prepared to help and coordinate with different authorities so that the child can receive best possible care and protection in such situations.

The social worker visited the child and met the doctors to understand the immediate needs of the child.  After completing hospital formalities she brought the baby to Bal Asha.

On arrival of the baby in Bal Asha the nurse took the baby under her care.  She asked name of this beautiful little girl.  She was named “Anushree”.

In the next few minutes Anushree had her warm water bath, changed into beautiful bright clothes, was fed infant formula milk, wrapped in clean cloths and given lots of love.  She at once fall asleep in her cradle. She was in a safe envoirment.

Bal Asha has 52 children in its care.  We look at these beautiful children of god and are thankful to citizens, police, doctors and each one of you who do not walk away, but become heros who help our children. The world still has a long way to go to be educated not to abandon children.  There are many “Anushree”s who are found abandoned around us.  So, let’s join our hands to help them.  

Please share this email with your friends, relatives and colleagues so they can also join your and Bal Asha’s joint efforts to help abandoned children.