Summer Vacation with lots of activities

Summer Vacation with lots of activities

After a long year to school the children started their summer break from April to early June.  The children look forward to the summer vacations as its all play and no school, but they also look forward to another event during the break “Summer Fiesta”.  

The Summer Fiesta is about lots of workshops, activities and trips for the children during the summer break.  Just like any parent would plan activities for the children during the summer break the team here does  the parental role all the time.  

The team plans the schedule is keeping in mind the children’s wishes and that the activities will help in overall development of the children.  

This year too the children enjoyed the following activities like flower painting, clay, pottery, trips to kidzania, Nehru Planetarium, drawing, learning good habits, dal sticking, garland making and much more such activities. 

Its one more week of vacations and children will start going to school.  Our children are enrolled in three different school as per their need and development.   Children who are developmentally normal, go to a regular children and other children are provided special education in special schools including one for deaf and dumb.

We thank you for supporting us to provide invidualized care for the children.