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Education Sponsorship

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“Bal Asha Trust provides Educational Sponsorship to economically weaker families and emphasises the need for education for their young children towards building a secure future”

IMG_0613Bal Asha Trust implements Education Sponsorship Project for children who live within their families.  This is in line with our mission of Strengthening Families.

The families who are identified to receive Sponsorship under the project are mainly run by single women.  These women are the sole bread earners in the family.  They work as domestic help, supply tiffins or have small paying jobs.

There are also joint families where the income is low.

The school or college going children in these families have high incidence of dropouts education-bal-ashadue to economic reasons. They are also low on self esteem and believe that future does not have much in store for them.  As they may not study above basic level of schooling and will only get general jobs, if is a girl child, marriage is the only future considered.

An individual sponsors education of a child living with his family.   This sponsorship supplements their education which may have been discontinued due to lack of funds.

The donor receives an information sheet with the name, age, address, photograph and a write up on the child.

The Trust monitors the programme.  The sponsorship covers fees, text books, note books, stationary, uniforms, bags, shoes and other educational related expenses.

Performance and progress reports are provided once a year to the sponsor.

Bal Asha Trust also organizes annual get-togethers for donors and sponsored children.

Bal Asha Trust through its Educational Programme makes positive intervention in these families.    This will enhance chances for a secure future.

The Trusts also holds regular programs and career counseling sessions for these children.

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