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IMG_0455-(2)Bal Asha Trust runs a professionally managed Childrens Home for abandoned and destitute children upto the age of 12 years.   Around 70 children can be accommodated in the home.

The Home was founded in November 1987 in the premises of the King George V Memorial now known as Anand Niketan on Dr. E. Moses Road, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai 400 011.

The meaning of Bal Asha is Children’s Hope and true to its meaning the home for vulnerable children has received more than 1200 children in the past 25 years.

The Home is licensed under Juvenile Justice Act 2006 (Care & Protection of Children).

Two categories of children receive admission in the Home on recommendation of the Child Welfare Committees i.e. Abandoned & Surrendered.

Bal Asha Trust tries to provide them the finest environment and interventions in its DSC02345“childrens Home” for a healthy future of these children.    These children are in need of care and protection.

Bal Asha Trust has a spectrum of services for these children as they are in crucial stage of growth and development.  Bal Asha Trust makes solid efforts in giving stimulation, nutrition, medical care, warmth, love and emotional security to these children.

DSC02348Bal Asha Trust has a comprehensive health care and developmental intervention for the children living in the home.  We have a well qualified and experienced team of doctors, psychologist, social workers, occupational therapist, speech therapist, nurses and caretakers for their 24 x 7 care.

Children have care and accommodation facility according to their age.  The childrens rooms are not known as wards or units, but have names, with colour codes.

The pink room houses children from day 1 to 2 years.  There is also a special section for children between 1day to 3 months as they require specialized care.

The pink room is equipped with a bath facility.  The area also has a kitchen which cooks age appropriate nutritious food as decided by our in-house child care experts.

The Children above 2 years are housed in yellow and green rooms.

A senior and reputed pediatrician visits daily to check the health of children.   The Trust also carries out primary medical investigations like CBC, Stool, Urine, Chest xray, HIV, Hep. B, Thyroid, Blood group on advice of the doctors.  If the child requires special tests these are also conducted.  All tests are conducted at reputed hospitals like Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre, Mumbai, Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai, Metropolis Labs and Ranbaxy Labs.

Children with Special needs are given special interventions from Occupational & Speech Therapist.

Psychologist who helps the children to share their thoughts and gives counselling. They also conduct psychological tests which helps the team to make interventions.  This helps to have update knowledge of each child’s development and emotional needs.  They also prepare children for their transition into their new family, if they are getting adopted.

Nurses and Caretakers during the day take care of the daily needs of the children like feeding, cleaning, bathe, interacting with children, taking them for medical tests etc and most importantly give them a homely environment.

The cook prepares delicious food which not only includes a healthy diet like pulses, fruits, green leafy vegetables, but special items like pizza etc.

Children receive immunization as per schedule advised by medical experts.  Children also receive special vaccinations as per advice of the pediatricians.

Bal Asha Trust sends children who can attend school outside to a regular or special school.    Inspite of a mammoth task of organizing a school routine at different timing for children outside the institution and issues like security, travel arrangements, staff for care, Bal Asha Trust believes that for a normal and healthy growth its important that children attend a school outside and interact with the world outside the institution.

There are few children with special needs like blindness, cerebral palsy and mentally challenged.  They are known as special children.  They receive the required intervention from medical experts.  Bal Asha Trust provides as much care and support to these children who are not Adopted due to their special needs.

Children have a large play ground in the Children’s Home to play.  This helps them in overall development.

They have a special therapy room where they have sessions with the psychologist.  Where they get individual attention as well as are part of group activity.

Festivals like Diwali, Holi, Christmas, EID are celebrated with a lot of fun and enthusiasm.  The Home also celebrates the Ganpati Festival by bringing the Ganesh idol home for 7 days.  The children participate in the daily aarti.

A dance teacher comes in to teach children dance.  The children like to perform on special occasions.

The children are also taken for outdoor activities like movies, zoo, museum, Gate way of India etc from time to time. They also go for a seven day vacation visit to the JJ Nursing Association campus at Aksa Beach, Mumbai.  They cherish the time spent during this vacation and their memories last for a lifetime.

The Children’s Home has a yearly contract of with PCI which keeps its premises pest free.  The Tanks are cleaned every three months by professional company to have minimal chances of infections which occur from water.  Fire Extinguisher is also installed in the kitchen area.

Social Workers and psychologist prepare the children for their adoption to make the transitions easier.

Children receive equal love and care in Bal Asha Trust irrespective of their religion, caste, colour, medical or physical problems.

Bal Asha Trust believes in the principle of “Best Interest of the Child”.  While making any decision with regards to rehabilitation of the child, importance is always given to the “Legal status” and “best interest of the child”.   The professionally qualified social workers at Bal Asha Trust carefully scrutinize each document relating to the child, before taking any decision.

All efforts are made rehabilitate the children in need of care and protection with Restoration, Repatriation or Adoption.

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