Towards Destination

Towards Destination

Life is nothing but a series of ups and downs that bring us to our final destination, the place where we truly belong. Varun’s story starts like this. He was born in a remote village in Maharashtra, and almost immediately, was abandoned. Luckily enough, a local adoption agency found him. Luckier still, was that the agency found a couple who wanted to adopt Varun.

The potential parents resided in another country. When they flew to India to adopt, they immediately fell in love with baby Varun. At just over a year of age, he was a handsome and healthy baby boy. The couple finalized adoption details and flew back to their own country.

Here’s what a lot of people don’t realize – adoption is a long long process and things can change in the meantime. However, this in-between time is important in order to safeguard the rights of the child getting adopted. In this case, it took about 6-8 months after that initial meeting for the court to approve the adoption. The couple kept in touch with Varun via emails and phone calls, but could not actually spend time with the baby. The court order finally brought them to India for a second time, with the hopes of taking their baby boy back home with them.

The couple was heartbroken when they realized that their son, now at 2.5 years of age, had a physical disability. The child could not walk independently. The almost parents realized that they did not have the necessary resources to provide Varun with the best care possible and hence, had to make the tough call of backing out from the adoption.

The court accepted their decision, but keeping the best interest of the child in mind, decided that he should be transferred to a good NGO in Mumbai for better medical treatment and care. The search for Varun’s new home ended with various authorities asking Bal Asha Trust to accept the child into its home. Sunil Arora, the director at Bal Asha, did not hesitate for a moment before opening his doors for the baby.

Through the ups and downs in his early life, Varun found his way to the Bal Asha family. He has now settled into his new home. His heartwarming smile and bubbly personality have won everyone over. He is the patient of one of the best pediatric neurologists in India, based on whose advice, the baby is going through a series of medical tests and assessments. Additionally, he has been attending physiotherapy sessions to help him manage his disability at Bal Asha Child Development Centre.

For now, Varun is a living at the Bal Asha Trust home. Tomorrow, he might find his forever-family after all. However, currently, it is our responsibility to provide him with the care he deserves.

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