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Vasanti was abandoned at birth by her parents in a government hospital in Mumbai.  The reason she was born with Ambiguous genitalia with duplication of the hindgut (no anal or a urine tract). This was no fault of hers. The hospital doctors did not run away from their responsibilities. They immediately performed a surgery on her.

After discharge Bal Asha Trust became her home.  After stabilizing with the routine.  The medical team at Bal Asha Trust referred her to prominent doctor Dr. Jyotsna Kirtane at Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre. Vasanti’s problems were of more serious nature then we thought. Dr. Kirtane after performing various tests and scans told us that Vasanti’s internal organs will require a restructuring through surgeries. After each surgery she will have to urgest herself with the diet.

Vasanti went through multiple and long-hours of reconstructive surgeries which were highly complex. She had a surgical bag attached around her waist to accumulate her body waste.

Bal Asha Trust has been taking care of many special needs children.

Note: Name and identifying details changed to protect identity of the child.
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