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Education : A way forward

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Shreemala a few years back found herself in a difficult situation.  She had lost her husband after he was ill for many years.   She gathered herself as she had to take care of her child Kiran.  She had to give him food, shelter and care.  Education was not part of her plan as she knew she could barely earn to get two time meals for the family.

Shreemala knew that she could make good meals.  She started making Tiffin’s for customers.  She soon got referrals and made Rs. 4,500/- per month.   She was introduced by a counselor to Bal Asha Trust.

Bal Asha Trust social worker visited her home and understood that it was very important for Kiran her son to start going to school.  The Trust started supporting his education through a wonderful donor.

It’s been few years now and Kiran is studying in Second year of college.  He is turning out to be a wonderful boy and understands his responsibilities.   He recently attended a free career aptitude test organized by Bal Asha Trust for children studying in College.  The donor is informed of his progress regularly.  The donor gets an opportunity to meet him and exchange letters.

Note: Name and indentifying details changed to protect identity of the child.
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