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Esha was found abandoned in a small town around 600 kms from Mumbai as a young infant.  She was found to having Albinism.  The police admitted her to a child care institute (CCI) in that city.  Months went by, even when she turned more than 2 years old, she could not or eat semi solid food.  She had to be fed by a care taker and she could only eat liquid diet.  One day a visitor to the CCI told them about Bal Asha Trust.  The officials of the CCI contacted Bal Asha Trust and shared the story of Esha.

Soon Esha came to Bal Asha Trust.  On further medical investigations it was found that Esha apart from Albinism was also a carrier of Hepatitis B, had a Seprolie Murmur and was developmentally delayed both in language and cognitive functioning.  The team at Bal Asha Trust designed a special interventional plan for her.  The plan included medical, developmental, nutritional and psychological interventions.  Esha thrived with these interventions and is today a young girl who goes to school, sings poems, plays with other children and eats what she loves!  She is today an active and happy child.

You can also ensure children like her receive developmental interventions for a better future by supporting activities of Bal Asha Trust

Note: Name and indentifying details changed to protect identity of the child.
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